01 June, 2010

My Boredom Manifesto


Today on Tumblr, I saw the above photo. It was originally posted by Milky Chuu, it definately made me smile. And as the last line says, I decided to give it a go.

I will fight boredom with action, ideas, and creativity. I will fight boredom with writing, girl’s days, and reading. I will fight the stereotype and broken ideas of women. I will fight boredom by helping others and myself, at the same time. I will fight the the winter blues with apple cider and baking through the afternoon. I will got for walks and take new adventures in the summer sun. I will fight boredom with spontinaity. I will write letters by hand and carry, at least, one book every where I go. I will break free of the mold society has made for me. I will act silly and never fear what others think. When friends and family become bored I will drag them on walks and adventures, and they will have fun. I will fight boredom in my own way and be only me.


As for the series, I promise my next post will be a new lovely lady’s answers! I’m just waiting to recieve the photo So keep checkin back
Princess Raelynn

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