10 June, 2010

Welcome Blade!!! (a little late...)

So maybe I should be shot for how late this is, but oh well. On June 5th, 2010 my newest nephew was welcomed into the world! After some scarey labor problems mommy and the 6lbs 1oz, 21 in Blade Konner are just fine! I’m so happy to finally welcome him into the world! Sadly I have to leave him only 6 days after him being born, but I’ll be back in 20 days! I just wanted to throw all that out there and let ya’ll know that I’m all happy!

BTW, I also have my travel blog made. I made it on Blogger so I can see how it operates and if I like it. Most of my favorite blogs are currently hosted there, since Miss Lumpy recently moved (and is loving it), I figured I’d try it out and see what I think. So far I don’t like it, but after a bit of toddling, I may switch, all depends on what I can figure out. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TRAVEL BLOG!!
Princess Raelynn

That idea fell through... I didn't have much internet access :/

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