06 June, 2010

Behind the Fashion: Sniper

I am so excited to say that the wonderful Sniper of Aesthetic Lolita has agreed to participate! Enjoy! And check out her blog, I love it so.

What inspired you to wear Lolita?
I love the girlish princess-y look. I always have, as I have loved Disney princess films, shojo manga, fairy tails, and female heroines in all kinds of fantasies. I could just tell that it was something I had always dreamt about but never explicitly seen.

What do you like to wear when not in Lolita?
I like to wear shorts over pastel tights, fluffy tutu-like skirts, cardigans, and floral sundresses. I wear looks ranging from classic black + white to pastel popkei to neons with leopard print. I really dislike jeans and long pants/skirts! I think they are bland.

Are you in school? If so what is your major/grade?
I am in college. My major is computer science. I’m thinking about going for a second degree, but I’m not sure what!

What would you say are your “non-lolita” hobbies?
I like (violent) video games including first-person-shooters like Quake and real-time-strategy games like Age of Empires! I’m also a sucker for the Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid RPGs. I’m just generally really good at games. I like airsoft guns and sword forms I learned in karate. I own a Sig Sauer P226 gas blowback and a Socom single shot (because Solid Snake has one <3).>

What kind of music do you enjoy?
I like pagan folk metal, preferably Russian or German, and Norse electronica. Most of the music I like is fast and heavy!

I like the fantasy genre and books on alternative health and metaphysics the most!

What do you think is the least Lolita about you?
Lolitas are supposed to be innocent and naive. I am neither, by any stretch of the imagination. Not only that, but I stick up for myself and regard myself to be a strong, intelligent, and independent person. I may look like a dumb and shallow little girl to some, but I often shock people when I show them that I can actually compose intelligent thoughts into punctuated sentences. My opinions on a lot of things are unconventional and I don’t believe in many of the same things people in my age group are supposed to believe in (example: democracy).

Any final words?
Lolita would be so boring if all lolitas were the same standard two-dimensional caricatures! Isn’t this world boring enough as it is? Lolita certainly wouldn’t last as a movement if everyone interested in the fashion had to act like they were something they weren’t. You could say that I’m looking for the time-travelers, espers and aliens in the world!

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