20 March, 2010

Kamikaze Girls

Guess who just watch Kamikaze Girls (aka The Shimotsuma Story)! I DID! And it was amazing! Halarious and beautiful! J’adore!

Here are some of my favorite quotes:

Everyone’s got a problem. There’s always some pain inside. It’s Ok to cry, but women can’t do it in public. Otherwise, everyone will break down. So only cry alone. It makes you stronger.

Humans are born alone. We think alone and die alone.

Humans are a mystery…

Humans will always betray eachother.

To be honest, Momoko reminds me quite a bit of myself. Though I haven’t the brilliant wardrobe she has, or the under handed way of getting it, we share a love for embroidery. She also removes herself from society by referring to people as “humans,” I tend to do this as well. She is also mostly alone, which nearly parallels myself. I have a few friends though, not many good ones, but people talk to me and make sure I’m never too lonely, though the only two I truely care for are my sister, Becca, and my Prince, Tyler. Momoko and I also share the idea that women should not do physical labor and should not be expected to work. I understand that I will have to work, but then it will not be strenuous activity. Another thing is her general attitude. When Ichiko says she’ll hit her, she replys “OK”. When Ichiko says she’ll kill her, she says “Why not?” She’s always poking at Ichiko in a silly childish way, as I do quite often. Especially in using names that I like. (example: she called Ichiko, Ichigo, even thoguh she hates the name.)She also shares the deep desire to be rid of the small town she lives in. It’s quite obvious she would love to be in Tokyo, rather then her grandmother’s town. Just a side thought. She’s my ne role modle.