I’m the girl you see at school, yet seldomly notice. I’m the girl in the corner at lunch too busy reading her fantasy novel to remember to eat. I’m the girl in French who doesn’t get your joke, but I understand every word that comes out of the teacher’s mouth. I’m the girl in Science who just doesn’t seem to get it. Who thinks the trees grow by magic, not photosynthesis. The one who when asked “what is this” never says, “a flower” but instead says “beautiful.” I’m the girl who doesn’t see the surface but instead sees the beauty in a flawed world. I’m the writer, writing secret notes and fairy tales. I’m the girl who sees life through a camera lense and the one who sometimes forgets that she doesn’t ride a carriage to school and that the birds and deer aren’t her friends. I’m the girl with ribbons in her hair and dirt on her hands. I’m the girl volunteering at the animal shelter on a Saturday instead of at a party with friends. I’m the girl who prefers a live preformance to the cinema. I’m the girl doing ballet, not to the music you hear, but to the music of her heart. I’m the girl who doesn’t see a bleak, boring surface, but a space in need of bows and glitter. I’m the girl with a million plush toys and barbies on her shelves. I’m the girl who has dolls made of porceline with names popular in the Victorian Era. I’m the girl who still believes that the world will be fair if she’s nice. I’m the girl who is a Princess of a land found only within her own mind who draws maps of this land and writes to her people often. I’m the girl bound only by her imagination. I’m the girl who never grew up, and never will. I’m the girl I want to be. Nothing more, and nothing less.