03 June, 2010

Behind the Fashion: Miss Lumpy

Miss Lumpy, the lovely wonderful lady, has agreed to take part in this series! I’m so happy and grateful for this chance to talk to her and learn more about her! I could go on and on about this wonderful woman, but I don’t want to show bias, because all the ladies who are participating are magnificent, so I’ll let her survey and blog speak for itself! The last thing I’ll say before the interview begins is THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

What inspired you to wear Lolita?
I’ve always had a total obsession with beauty. It’s like a drug, really – I am completely head-over-heels for beauty, and therefore it’s always been important to me to impart the beauty ideal I currently identify with. Right now, and for the past four or five years, that image has been through creating an image compliant with lolita fashion. I participated in a documentary last summer, and I got a lot of snickers for saying that lolita makes me feel like I am “channeling all the beauty in the universe; …this is what I was created to look like…” but for me that’s just crazy-hippie-speak for “At this moment, there is no higher beauty that I can strive for. If I make myself look like this, it is in accordance with what is proper for me at this stage in my life; this is the image I should give to my current body, mind, and soul.” I guess I really am a lifestyler through and through.

What do you like to wear when not in Lolita?
Well, most of the time, if I’m not in lolita it’s because I’m at work! My current favorite store for non-lolita clothing is Express because it’s so comfortable business-casual-y. As for other times (say I go out with my boyfriend and want to make sure he doesn’t start a fight because of the snickers I get in lolita, or to class where the puuf gets squished into desks), I wear anything that speaks to me – I like jeans just as much as I like party dresses, mori-girl just as much as mainstream fashion.

Are you in school? If so what is your major/grade?
I am! I took time off between high school and college, so right now I am a second-semester sophomore. I’m majoring in English with a tentative minor in Creative Writing: Poetry. I’m considering changing minors, though, maybe to art or history. I don’t plan on doing anything with my degree because I don’t know any graduates who are, so I’m majoring in my longest love affair to date – the English language – because I can’t imagine studying anything else.

What would you say are your “non-lolita” hobbies?
As many people say, my lolita hobbies and my everyday hobbies definitely meld together… however, I would say my major non-lolita hobby is hooping, as is evident in my picture. I have some mysterious, undiagnosable health issue that make it very difficult for me to exercise due to fatigue and breathing problems, so hooping is great because it’s low-impact (I don’t usually break a sweat or get winded) but still a great workout. As far as other interests go, I am avidly interested in health and find alternative diets such as veganism and vegetarianism to be hugely fascinating. I also love reading and writing, which leads to my main hobby of blogging – I guess for me that’s technically a lolita hobby, though!

What kind of music do you enjoy?
Whenever anyone asks me this question, I say “anything pretty.” By that I mean that I’m interested in anything that I find exemplifies my ideal of beauty (hippiehippiehippie)… Lately I’ve been listening to Iron & Wine almost non-stop, punctuated by The Decemberists and Lady GaGa. Some music I can never get enough of is Jack Johnson, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Emilie Simon, Regina Spektor, as well as some more “hardcore” stuff like Nine Inch Nails and Mudvayne – you gotta have some good angry music for days when pretty little piano ditties just don’t cut it!

Have pity, you’re asking an English major what kind of books she likes! Well, I love poetry – my current favorite poet is Langston Hughes, hands down, without any doubt, though e.e. cummings is up there too; I’m a sucker for modernism. I like fantasy, but to be honest I prefer stories of real life that have fantastic or historic elements to them. For example, I just finished A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity, which is a collection of short stories about a group of friends in the late 80′s – however, the entire novel is written like a Japanese “pillow book” and the Floating World of the Tokugawa-era Japan is a common theme throughout.

What do you think is the least Lolita about you?
I think lolita is defined by the person, so to be honest, I don’t think there’s anything non-lolita about me! Haha, but that’s a cop-out. I’d probably say my road rage – most of my friends are pretty terrified to get in the car with me! Just ask Victoria Suzanne

Any final words?
Confucius said “Everything has its beauty, but not everybody sees it.” In my life, lolita and non-, the first and foremost thing to me is the pursuit of beauty. Without beauty, there is nothing – no love, no hope, no happiness. This is the driving principle that rules my life: beauty is flighty and difficult to catch, but the fight to seek it is worth it. If you want to know anything about me, that is the most important ♥

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