27 April, 2010

My Lolita Checklist

Eh, I’ve debated long and hard whether to make one of these, but I figured why not. I’m late, oh well.


  • Likes sweets prints, but has an aversion to large bows.
  • Wear a lot of pastel or muted colours.
  • Prefers an OP to a JSK.
  • Prefers tights as opposed to knee socks.
  • Often prefers flats to heels.
  • Drinks hot tea whenever the moment seems right.
  • Loves the smell of Lavender and Rose.
  • Loves, Loves, Loves to ice skate.
  • Thinks a rabbit is the best and most loliable pet to own.
  • Prefers simple straightened hair with little product to curls or teased. Simple braids or pig tails, for example.
  • Thinks a flower “just cause” is a wonderful thing. Even if she picks/buys it for herself.
  • Prefers to search antique and vintage shops rather than deal with online shopping, shipping, and customs.
  • Likes to have a ring on each hand, one being her class ring.
  • Walks and moves in almost pose-like moves at all times. Ready for a surprise photo shoot at a moment’s notice.
  • Adores parasols and fans.
  • Finds inspiration in fairy tales and period dramas instead of the GLB.
  • When not in lolita, prefers to wear sun/day dresses or a skirt set.
  • Will jump at any chance to go for a carriage or carousel ride.
  • Fascinated with cemetaries, no matter how dark it seems. Also thinks a photoshoot in a cemetary is the best idea ever.
  • Sees old, and possibly dangerously falling apart, buildings as the perfect spot for a photoshoot.
  • Thinks a perfect summer day is made of a picnic with a Prince, or sitting under a tree reading. Not too hot nor too cold.
  • Loves the Super Poof! Never thinks she has enough poof.
  • Buys gifts for friends simply because it reminded her of said friend.
  • Forever changing, but is forever herself. No one can change her and if they’d like to, they are welcome to leave, and she is smart enough to shut the door behind them.

17 April, 2010

Loli's Love the Limelight

This is something I’d like to start doing every now and again. I want to post links to my very favorite blog posts/picture ablums/etc. So here we go!

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I have so many more I’d like to share with you, but I think I have to stop now, lest I’ll have none left for next time! Please explore these wonderful sites, not just the specific posts I’ve linked but the site as a whole. They’re all such beautifully written and created by beautiful women!
Princess Raelynn

15 April, 2010

The boy who can be my best friend.

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t look for the one can be the best boyfriend, look to the one who can be your best friend” ? That’s a saying I’ve kept close to my heart recently. Since my freshman year, this saying has meant so much to me. As much as it’s meant to me, I haven’t been able to follow it. I continue to look for the ones I think can love me the best or who can provide for me should we make it so far. I’ve been looking for “the best boyfriend,” but that’s not how I should have gone about it. Recently, I’ve rekindled a relationship with a dear friend, and dare I say crush, from sixth grade. His name is Hunter and he’s amazing. He’s an amazing friend. He’s kind and sweet. He volunteers, gives blood, is part of the Big Brothers & Big Sisters program, and he’s in the Marine JROTC at his school. He wants to spend time with me, and he never makes fun of me or laughs at me for not being good at this or that. I truely think I’ve found the boy who can be my best friend.
To add to all this amazingness, he also loves my Lolita. He doesn’t mind the attention it brings and I honestly believe he’ll be a man willing to learn more about the style. I also think he’ll be accepting of my lifestyle as he becomes more involved in my life. He seems the type to want to learn to make a perfect cup of tea or the type who would bring/pick flowers just because they made him think of me. I’m so incredibly happy to have refound him. He’s so perfect.

04 April, 2010

Alice in Ribbons

I finally went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie! It was brilliant! The above out fit was what I wore for Easter and the movie.
The run down:
-Aerie tank top
-”One Star Converse” day dress
-Woodies wooden saddles
-Off Brand Parasol
-Claire’s Owl Necklace
-Ribbon (see below)
Obviously not lolita, but I felt pretty so why not post?

As for the movie, as I said above, it was brilliant! The costumes were amazing and truly inspiring! My favorite outfit was Alice’s while she was in the Red Queen’s court! I’m ready to see a replica of it for sale!

As I said, the costumes were amazingly inspiring! I, for some reason, have now decided I’ll be wearing white eye linear. I bought two kinds today, which I’m going to try in a few minutes. Something else the movie inspired me to do, fashion wise, is to wear ribbons in some way every day. In the above picture, you can see me wearing it on my arm. Laced up to about the elbow. I think it looks very pretty. Why do I want to wear ribbons? Because they are like me. They’re lovely, hard to rip and break, but easily frayed at the ends. They also serve to remind me that I am a princess, every day, and I am beautiful, even if just on the inside. I really like these ideas. I think they’ll work nicely.
Princess Raelynn