04 July, 2010

There's No Place Like Home, Except Scoul..

(The church in Scoul, Switzerland is actually the only thing on top of this hill, with the beautiful background of the Alps. I want to go back!)

I’m home! Back in the lovely heat of Arkansas, and sick as a dog. I have Tonsilitus and some European strand of Strep, yay for me! *note sarcasm* As of last night, I’m on bed rest, soft food diet, and limited talking, just gives me time to blog and catch up!
As far as the trip went, it was amazing! The travel blog, fell through. I didn’t have daily access to a computer, nor did I have time to keep a journal to retype at home. It was a very rushed trip at the begining, but totally worth it! Hampton Court Palace, Tower of London, Normandy, Eiffel Tower, Sanders Field, Amsterdam, Herbourn, and the Swiss Alps, to name a few, were amazing! Scoul, Switerland was by far my favorite town we visited (for living in), though Paris was my favorite vaca spot! I didn’t see the BTSSB shop, nor did Hunter, must be hard to find, oh well, life goes on I was so happy to get this chance, but I think I’m happier to be home. I’ll get pictures up later, right now I think I’ll take a nap. “Rest and hydration,” the doctor said, he forgot to say that my men would be waiting on me hand and food. I love them so.

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