22 May, 2010

Behind the Fashion


I’m sure we all have blogs we turn to in need of inspiration or perhaps we follow them closely. While I certainly love to read the blogs of others, the fashion tips, the photoshoots, the newest items bought, I believe we tend to forget these girls are actual humans with actual lives, aside from Lolita. We read their tips and thoughts on Lolita, but do they not go to school? Work? The grocery store? Do they not get sick? Sure we read their “about me,” but they usually just give style, name, perhaps some loli-able activities they enjoy. Usually nothing about school or work or what they do other then Loli. I often find myself getting frustrated that this or that blog hasn’t updated recently, but I always try to stop myself and say, “They have something going on in their life. School or work or non-internet friends” (Gasp, I know! Non-internet friends? What are those?) That’s why I’d like to start a small series per say. A series of posts about girls, lolis, with blogs. Essentially a series of questions, answered hopefully truthfully, about normal life. Just to get a glimpse of the girl behind the fashion. Granted loli is a big part of this girl, whether she’s in the clothes or not, but there is more. If anyone would like to volunteer to do this with me, that would be wonderful. I also plan to ask some of the girls from the larger, more popular, blogs if they will play along. But the first to go up, will be me. Why ask them to do it, when I haven’t? Look foward to that sometime soon.
On that note I’ll be off to hang with my non-loli friend. XD Oh and harrass the pizza man of course!
Princess Raelynn

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