04 April, 2010

Alice in Ribbons

I finally went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie! It was brilliant! The above out fit was what I wore for Easter and the movie.
The run down:
-Aerie tank top
-”One Star Converse” day dress
-Woodies wooden saddles
-Off Brand Parasol
-Claire’s Owl Necklace
-Ribbon (see below)
Obviously not lolita, but I felt pretty so why not post?

As for the movie, as I said above, it was brilliant! The costumes were amazing and truly inspiring! My favorite outfit was Alice’s while she was in the Red Queen’s court! I’m ready to see a replica of it for sale!

As I said, the costumes were amazingly inspiring! I, for some reason, have now decided I’ll be wearing white eye linear. I bought two kinds today, which I’m going to try in a few minutes. Something else the movie inspired me to do, fashion wise, is to wear ribbons in some way every day. In the above picture, you can see me wearing it on my arm. Laced up to about the elbow. I think it looks very pretty. Why do I want to wear ribbons? Because they are like me. They’re lovely, hard to rip and break, but easily frayed at the ends. They also serve to remind me that I am a princess, every day, and I am beautiful, even if just on the inside. I really like these ideas. I think they’ll work nicely.
Princess Raelynn

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