03 November, 2010


I would love to say that I've been missing because I've poored all my time into school, but I can't. I haven't posted, in what seems like forever, simply because I've had nothing to say and I've been preoccupied.
I do have several ideas for posts and for Lessons in Life, but I can't seem to concentrate enough to sit down and write them. The lessons I haven't tried for myself, so I can't say that you should when I haven't, so those are definately on hold.
What have I been doing if not school? Well, I've been lost in the Gig in Robin McKinley's retelling of Sleeping Beauty (At Spindle's End). I've been battling evil in the world of Kingdom Hearts (on my DS of course!) I've been watching mindless shows, or at least looking at them, as I can scarcely even tell you what i've watched. I have often been finding myself staring at the ceiling contemplating new ideas for patterns of dresses or skirts to attempt. Sometimes I ponder on life or love or why their are foam dots on my ceiling. Perhaps the only productive things I've done have been spending time with my well deserving friends I'd been neglecting. I also collected pictures for some future jewelry line or perhaps simply to sit on my computer until a rainy day. I do actually intend to upload some pictures and do a complete update/catch-up life post soon.
I can't really promise that anything will follow this tomorrow, or next week, or when anything will be posted. I can't post when I don't feel it, lest my blogging becomes a chore, so please hold tight with me as I wonder through life for a bit longer.
With much love,
Princess Raelynn

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