05 August, 2010

Spirit Bound

I just finished this wonderful novel (after working on reading it since BEFORE Europe.) In true Richelle Mead fashion, it was a wonderful mix of romance, heartbreak, humour, sadness, and too many other emotions to name. I absolutely love this series, Vampire Academy, and its characters. The plot is brilliant and original. The characters are realistic. I reccomend this series to anyone who loves vampires, romances, and books about amazing friendships.
As I’ve done with every book I’ve read since freshman year, I marked specific parts of the novel that I like to type up and keep for future inspiration and amusement. So here we go :

If ever there was a distraction, it was someone wanting to kill me.

“It figures. You’re the only girl who;d get all emotional about the thought of killing. I don’t even want to think about what goes on when you and [your boyfriend] are alone.”

“Is that a gun?”
“I’m not stopping to find out.”

“Be sorry you lied. Don’t be sorry you loved him. That part of you, part you have to let go, yeah, but still something that’s made you who you are.”

“I can think of many words to describe you, sexy and hot being at the top ofthe list. You know what’s not on the list? Sane.“
“Okay, well, then my job is to be the less crazy one.”
“That I can accept.”

“Your optimism… your belief that you can make anything happen. It’s one of the amazing thing about you. It’s also one of the most infuriating things about you.”

“Maybe my belief in the impossible isn’t so crazy after all.”

Massacres, miracles… it didn’t matter. Everything was cause for a party.

“Wecan argue your messed-up unholy schedule some other time.”

“No dhampir is off my list of evil creatures.”

“Okay. I believe you.
“Do you want me to not believe you?”
“No, it was just easier that I thought convincing you.”

“Don’t you think that if God can supposedly forgive you, it’s kind of egotistical for you not to forgive yourself?”

“I’m addicted to you. Somehow I think you could do all sorts of bad things to me, and I’d still come back to you.”

I I had learned anything about life and love, it was that they were tenuous things that could end at any moment.

Cautions was essential – but not at the cost of wasting your life.

“I cheat at cards and buy liwuor for minors. But I would never, ever force you into something you don’t want.”

Please NOTE: If you like any of these enough to repost or use them, make sure you credit back to Richelle Mead, these are her words.

Still on the books note, I bought four more books today.

◦Beauty – Robin McKinley
◦Spindle’s End – Robin McKinley
◦Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover – Ally Carter
◦Blue Moon – Alyson Noël
I can’t wait to get started! I think I’ll read Beauty first
Princess Raelynn

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