02 October, 2010


Hey guys, sorry it's been forever. I've been kind of busy with school, but mostly with going out with my bestie. I've got various posts lined up and currently being worked on, but none are ready just yet. Sorry guys.
Well here are some pictures, FINALLY some with my black hair!!

*football game with Tiffany <3

*Put-put, with Tiffany. As close to Loli I've been since the fair.
*Tiffany being beautiful with a boa!

*like my new hairz? no? Blue's not quite my colour.

*Sexy besties!

*Baby sunglasses!!!

*Tiffany and her convieniantly placed hands XD


*Beautiful Tiffany.

*Dinner at Subway <3

In case you couldn't tell, I've been enjoying my self throughly :)
I promise I'll post something worth reading soon!!
But not tonight, tonight's movie/craft night XD
Princess Raelynn

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