05 February, 2010


I, just today, found a new, magnificent blog. It is by a beautiful princess named Victoria. On there I found a list of what “Every lolita should have.” Here is that same list, with what I have in italics, and what I do not think I, personally, need struck out. This is a self reminder of where I wish to go and where I can go for inspiration. Here is her links: lolita-charm.blogspot.com

•a few sheets of cute stickers, for adding to cards, notes, or envelopes;
•printed notepaper with a cute style;
•a lipgloss in her favorite color, to apply when she might meet someone fabulous;
•a simple, comfortable dress to run errands in;
•a pretty pair of headphones or earbuds for walking by herself;
•a tiara for adding to luxurious hairstyles, for special events;
•one excellent makeup trick that always wows her friends;
•the perfect parasol for sunny days, or alternately -
•a wonderful friend who will share hers;
•a tripod and camera, for taking her own daily outfit shots;
•one completely different outfit that is for her alter-ego, for being in disguise;
•the know-how to plan a meetup;
•a notion of using public transport, like subways, buses, or trains for getting her where she needs to go;
•a list of things she loves about herself tacked to her mirror;
•a pair of shoes that make her steps feel princess-like;
•a conglomerate of style icons she can refer to when she feels out of creativity;
•the trick to applying false eyelashes;
•one excellent wig for when her hair just won’t do what she wants;
•the knowledge that settling is for lesser spirits;
•a classic book for when she doesn’t want to meet the eyes of people staring in public;
•a Tide-to-Go pen for rescuing dream dresses;
•a nest egg for buying the perfect item for herself, by herself;
•a shopping service she trusts;
•a purse that seems to have a black hole in the bottom, willing to accept anything from cameras to entire coats;
•a coat trimmed with fur, to be complimented on whereever she goes;
•a look-book of street snaps and photos she admires, with a list of items she wishes to own;
•a name for her own personal style, which she alters as she wants;
•the ability to take the advice of the Internet, but also to turn it off and do her own thing;
•a petticoat guranteed to give you model-worthy poof;
•one photograph of herself in her first dress to remind her how far she’s come, and one photograph of herself in her best dress that reminds her why she became a lolita in the first place.
Once again, this is not my idea but the idea of Miss Victoria that I can use, with modifications, to get where I want to go.

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